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Destination Neil Islands

Bharatpur Beach

This one is known to be one of the most pristine beaches in Neil Island, along with the scope for adventurous water sports that the place provides. You can visit the site along with your family and friends, and you couldn’t stop yourself from glaring at the scintillating blue waters that send a shiver down your spine for the serenity of the tides. If you aren’t much of an appraising traveller and are looking for some fun, then you can do Scuba diving, Snorkelling, or many other sports activities that will take you closer to the colorful coral reefs.

Laxmanpur Beach

Stretching across a considerable distance, the Laxamanpur beach is vast and is also known for its unique hues of natural coral bridge formation that is also known as the Natural Howrah Bridge. Extending across a large area of Laxmanpur village, the beach is covered with white shell sand that contrasts the blue sea so well that you can’t stop yourself from an evening walk. The beach has shallow water and delightful scenery that is perfect for photoshoots or just social media posts that will make your friends and haters envy you alike.

Sitapur Beach

Contradictory to the Laxmanpur beach, which is known to be the setting place of the mighty Sun, Sitapur Beach is known as the Sunrise point or the place where the dawn transforms into a new day. With gasping scenic beauty, the place has some of the most beautiful elements of nature like limestone formation, shady palm trees, clean turquoise water through which you can see the marine vegetation, and the coral reef, and lush greenery that is a bit far from the beach. Take a swim in the calm relaxing waters or just spare your time for a walk with your loved one. The choice is yours!