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Destination Mayabunder

Karmatang Beach

Situated in the northern region of modern Andaman, Karmatang Beach is an extravagant serene beach that Karmatang Beach is also known as the turtle paradise of the nation, which is located at a distance of 12 kilometres away from Mayabunder. Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches, Karmatang is an eco-friendly place for relaxing, bonfire evenings, and walking around in leisure. For couples who want to spend some quality private time together, this beach is the ideal place to explore the relationship between them.

Ross & Smith Islands

The twin islands of Ross and Smith Islands are linked with a sand bar that is a thin line of almost 50 meters between the two seashores. Home to the famous Olive Ridley Turtles. Ross and Smith islands are a marine sanctuary whose sparkling blue water, along with the silvery sand, is a perfect home for relaxation along with water adventure sports. You can simply walk by the trail and enjoy the luxury of the clean enchanting water, or you can indulge in some fun activities like diving or snorkelling.

Saddle Peak

Situated in the Diglipur, the Saddle peak is a lush evergreen forest that looks absolutely breathtaking for its depiction of the rich biodiversity that it hosts. In addition to that, at 732 meters, the Saddle Park stands to be the highest point in the Bay of Bengal from where the sight is beautiful enough to cast a spell on you. Being a home to 36 indigenous species of insects, 13 indigenous bird species, and six species of trees, the Saddle Peak is considered a national park now. For adventure seekers, the place is a perfect trek, and you can plan to climb the hill on a lazy day.

Kalipur Beach

Kalipur Beach is probably the most loved tourist spots in Andamans that is mainly known for turtle nesting and the scenic beauty. The beach is a home for some of the rarest turtle species from all across the world, including Olive Ridley, Hawks Bills, Green Turtles, and Leather Black. The government has also built a hatchery for the turtles, so while visiting the beach, you can witness the turtle laying eggs or even the adorable baby turtles crawling on the sand early in the morning.

Lamiya Bay Beach

This is again a beach, but like each different beach in the Andaman, this one has its own defining characteristic as well. Situated at the foothill of Saddle Park and a few kilometres ahead of Kalipur beach, Lamiya Bay beach is nothing less than food for a religious traveller’s soul. You can find a length and privileged gap of dead corals over the beach, which look absolutely stunning in their natural form and foliage. Besides that, the beach has brown sand with crystal clear blue waters and lush vegetation that makes it look like the land of Themyscira.

Ramnagar Beach

Located at a distance of near about 35 km from Diglipur, Ramnagar beach is suitable for many water activities like that of swimming because of its pristine environment and calm waters. You can see the Olive Ridley turtles soaking in the sun or in the moonlight and gap at the natural panorama that takes you into a completely different dimension. The best part of the beach is that it is bordered by native vegetation like that of palm and coconut trees, as well as some coastal shrubs. With the golden sand and the blue waves gushing on the shire, you can see the wonders that nature can make with a mere vibrant bush stroke of some neutral shades.

Alfred Caves

If you are one of those Indiana Jones fans or one of those people who love to live in the rustic Hollywood vibe, then Alfred Caves hosts a series of 41 caves for satisfying your fascination. Bring your explorer side out as you sway like a serpent inside the narrow entrance and get into caves that are full of fruit-eating bats and swiftlets. For your prior information, do you know that the Swiftlet birds are famous for making an unusual edible nest? The best part about these caves is that they change their shape every monsoon, and these caves are made up of limestone with stalactite formations. The cluster of 41 caves are connected and have baffled many explorers who have crossed the dense, thick forest to just get a glance of these mystic caves in the lap of Andaman.

Mud Volcanoes at Shyam Nagar

Also known as the JalTikry, the Mud Volcanoes at Shyam Nagar are located near the Hathi level that is approximately 16 miles away from Diglipur. One can easily come across a series of Mud Volcanoes while gushing through the green forests of Shyam Nagar at Diglipur. Within a 15 minutes walk in the semi-evergreen forest, one can easily reach the mud volcano and see the collision of science with nature. You can see the old ones or the emerging volcanoes by relaxing on the seating facilities that are provided along with the information boards for a better experience.