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Destination Havelock

Radhanagar Beach

Among Asia’s top 10 beaches, this magnificent beach crowned as number 7 and is undoubtedly an enchanting curve of white sand on the blue waters. For people who have a never-ending love for infinitesimal skies and frolicking waves that bash on the lustrous silvery sands while the sun rays are smiling like pearls on the water, then this beach here is nothing less than Asgard for you. The calm and composed ambiance that flirtatiously smirks over the zenith is a scene to gaze at. Perfect for the romantic walks or just a planned candlelight dinner on the beach under the fool moon, the turquoise blue water with the serene surroundings are bewitching.

Elephant Beach

Are you looking for the new age snorkelling heaven? If yes, then the Elephant Beach is your new tor resolution for water sports and leisure tour. The underwater marine life, along with the vibrant coral reef, can cast a spell on you. Along with immersing in the beautiful landscape of Havelock, you can also dive in the thrill of many water sports such as Jet Ski, speed boat, banana ride, and much more. With the inviting lush woods nearby, the beach is a perfect place for tourists and has all sorts of arrangements, including the food kiosk, changing rooms, and everything that one needs on a comfortable trip.

Kalapatthar Beach

As the name says, the name of the beach is derived from the black rocks that entice the visitors on the coastline. With all the green forests and the freshness in the air, you can find yourself completely alone on the beach because the beach isn’t much crowded in the low seasons. Watch the sunset or just care for a swim because the tides aren’t that violent to take you along. Lean and take pictures by the picturesque corals or just doze your Instagram while sitting beneath the umbrellas on your chairs while you sip the fresh mango or coconut juice sold by the locals. Well, if you are looking for a serene combination of black rock, white sand, and the green-blue sea that looks breath-taking, then there is no better alternative than the Kalapatthar beach.