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Destination Baratang

Limestone Cave

Baratang Island, which is also known as the Nilambur Jetty, has thousands of astounding marvels, but Limestone caves as a famous tourist attraction are definitely one of their very kind. These caves are actually formed because of natural compression for millions of years because due to the deposition of numerous elements like shells, corals, skeleton, and marine life. The Lime Stone Caves are primarily half an hour and a boat ride away from the creek that paves the way for Nayadera Jetty. But that isn’t it because from there you also have to walk almost one and a half kilometres through the tropical forest. The site isn’t just a unique thing to gaze at but also is a place to witness the marvels of nature caused by the erosion of time.

Mud Volcano

Mud Volcano is a famous sightseeing place that is situated on a short ride from Nilambur Jetty from where you also have to walk up a rocky road. This is another exemplary wonder of science that nature has fabricated by natural gas emitted from the perishing organic matter below the soil. Gradually as the mud moves upwards by the gas, it hardens, and as the mud spills, it resembles a miniature volcano. This natural scientific phenomenon and the scenic appearance are found only at some of the places around the globe, and so you would never want to miss it at Andaman.