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Speed Boat Ride

Enjoy the thrill and the wind above the waters gush through your skin

Speedboat riding is probably the most popular adventure activities awaiting for you in the Andaman. Explore the water surface of North Bay and Havelock as you see the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in its purest of forms. Get lost in the bewitching beauty under the clear convincing sky and find yourself in a completely new world as the ship gives you the pirate vibe.

Seaplane Ride

Live, fly and sail!

The Seaplane ride isn’t just a ride, rather it is an emotion that can pinch the excitement nerve out of your life and make you feel like you truly are a sailor who is flying and sailing at the very same time. The trip covers parts of Port Blair to Havelock in a seaplane and from a certain height you can surely gaze over the enchanting panorama of North Bay Island, Ross Island, Cellular Jail, Mount Harriet and wave at the sailing ships while you fly.

Scuba Diving

Exotic Corals that resemble Captain Hook’s Treasure

Andaman’s coral reef is always known to bring scores of people from all across the globe, including India. With this in the picture, scuba diving has taken things to a whole different league with its safest breathing equipment. See the corals from the closest distance as you gaze at the breathtaking marine sights through your eyes. Travel with your friends and family and make the ride a memorable one that you will cherish for your entire life.

Mangrove Kayking

Observe nature closely

Well you can also avail the benefit of Mangrove Kaykan in the Baratang Island as you boat through the lush green mangroves. Get immersed in the peaceful greens of the fun and relaxing water activity as you canoe or paddle trough the water. Pull a companion or two and row through the waters as you talk about some of the most soothing topics of life.

Semi Submarine Glass Bottom

Lifesize windows that connect you with the marine world

Get immersed in the crystal clear shallow waters of the Andaman with the rarest species of fish when the sun is shining bright. The deep blue waters invite you as the Coral Safari takes you inside the deep sea in a comfy ambiance. Designed by the Subsea Systems USA, the vessel is built with adequate safety features that make it comfortable and sink proof with safe entry and exit features. You can feast your eyes on the exotic marine life and the beautiful fishes as you make yourself cozy in the 100 seaters, fully air-conditioned cabin. Along with being cordoned with safety touches the large glass windows that are inclined at 45 degrees and see the colorful corals and the rarest species of fishes from close quarters.. The drive is less expensive and is suitable for almost all modest medical conditions. So what are you waiting for?


Cut through the waters and swim your heart out

Do you want the mysteries and the magnificence of the deep ocean habitat dwells at your sight? If yes then swim in the deepest of the marine habitats with a diving mask! Watch every inch of the underwater attractions for extended time or specific time periods and find out whether you belong to the land or the water! Andaman has a lot of tropical resorts and scuba diving places that can be your ultimate snorkelling destination. So find one and you won’t regret a single penny that you and spent.

Para Sailing-North Bay Island

Want to feel your wings over the water? Here’s what you need to know

What can be better than flying over the clear turquoise waters and feeling like a bird lost in the ocean? If you want to bring your Albatross vibe out, then you can always try the parasailing feature that the Coral Safari provides you. With all safety and minimal sail in the sky with a parachute on and feel how the mighty ocean looks like from the sky. There is more to see then you think, and there is more to discover than you had ever thought.

Undersea Walking

Find yourself in the land of Poseidon: interact with a bewildering variety of fishes

Are you an aquarium kind of person? Have fishes always fascinated you with their diverse hues and mysterious features? If yes, then the Undersea Walking is inviting you with arms wide open. Sail in a semi-submarine through the lush green vegetation in the sea and see how fishes play hide and seek with you or pose in front of your eyes. Especially if you have are somewhat of a research person and are planning a trip, then there can be nothing better and knowledgeable than being closer to the marine flora and fauna.


Climb and see what Andaman has in store for you

Plan to conquer the mountains on your own or join an adventure club and you can start your very own trekking adventure in Andaman. Whether in any medical condition, you can surely move on a multi-day trek or even a morning to evening trek tri won’t also be much gruesome. Find your own call as the mountains in Andaman invite you.

Port Blair- Ride A Banana Boat

Want an adventure with friends? Banana Boat is here

Hop on with 5 of your friends or join people that you don’t even know on a banana boat in Andaman and you will see how the thrill will hike your adrenaline rush together. The ride time can range from 10 to 35 minutes as per your preference but there is no limitation of the fun time that you get and the memories you make.

Jet Ski

Bring the movie element in life: Get on a Jet Ski ride

Did you ever thought of rescuing your loved one on a ski over the water as you heroically fly through the waters? If yes then the Jet Ski ride is your dream come true. Grab your safety gear and cut through the waters as you look like a super cool water person over the waters. This isn’t expensive in Andaman and you can have fun as well. So what are you waiting for?